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  1. Good evening,

    I was wondering if you have B&B rooms and prices.
    We are interested in a few nights.

    Thank you,

    Ellen Schwalb

  2. Good evening
    Yes we do have B&B. We have 5 rooms to choose from .
    However we do not have in room service.
    Our prices range are from $225.00 per king size room plus 9% tax bathroom in the room its called Bridgetown room.
    Our other 3 rooms are queen size beds bathroom in the room and are 175.00$ plus 9% tax the rooms are called Sycamore
    Walnut Maple.
    Our 5 th room is called Magnolia the bathroom is outside the room in the hallway that can only be used by guests.
    Its a queen size bed priced at 155.00$ plus 9% tax.
    You may contact us via email or phone : 215 7528996

    Thank you
    Ivanna Baran